Earring Collection

He asked the mirror, who is more beautiful? Then the mirror answered: The one who understands beauty better.

Ring Collection

Any work can be signed. But this signature is different. It is not just a signature. It is guaranteed. « SALEHI PRIME », writes and signs the story of trust and quality among us.

Jewellery Collections

Bracelet Collection

Give the most special gift to the most special person in your life. A ring that you know will only shine on her hands or a necklace that no neck in the world has the chance to host. Experience extraordinary feelings with “SALEHI PRIME “customized products.

Necklace Collection

Authenticity have some signs. You can give these signs the enchantment of art and creativity and bring them with its self. Sometimes in the form of a bright bracelet and sometimes in the form of a ring that attracts everyone′s eye. “Salehi prime“draws attention to you .