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In the summary of the "Kingdom of Love" story:

In the summary of the "Kingdom of Love" story:
Elder informed the commanders:
Whoever can find the brilliant gem in the world will be our king.
Seven springs passed winter until the brave returned home.
No one was accompanied except the young man who returned empty hands. The old man requested the reason. The young man responded:
I looked for a quadrant of place and did not find anything brighter than the sparkle of the eyes of a lover who had reached his precious!

The old man

The old man:

Boy ! You have discovered the most brilliant element of existence and its name is love. I call you the king of this land! And so the "Kingdom of Love" began in that land.

Twinkle starts from the kingdom of love

Salehi jewelry

"Salehi jewelry” was established in the summer of 1986. Today, with more than 37 years of experience, it is Considered one of the most reliable suppliers of Gold and jewelry in the market.

Salehi Prime

Salehi prime", the successor of this brilliant kingdom,

Has designed and manufactured different products

With an exclusive view of the splendor and beauty.

These products are available in custom-made and Limited forms.

Salehi Jewelry

“ salehi jewelry” is a home of brilliance and trust. Be our guest at the splendor and glamorous party.